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Book Sculpture /art.  Folklore, myth and legend book. cut page by page by hand.

My practice piece for my college work. My first attempt at a book sculpture.

So I finally got to finish off the picture I started over the festive season.  I just love drawing ugly things.  Meet Pokerface.  Drawn with copics, gold and white paint and some chalk and charcoal.

Where ever you are,

Where ever you are, what ever your doing, make sure you have a DAM AWESOME ONE. Merry Christmas you bunch of wonderful people. — feeling wonderful.

So i have been playing about with stencils a bit, so here to meet you are Scott and Sam my kids


Wonderful. If anyone knows the artist let me know.
From Anonymous ART of Revolution
December 5 

O: — with TC Cabernet Sauvignon, Gwenaelle Journet, Vincent Larochelle, Vanessa M. Pérez and Viviana Scattolini.
Great pic, love it. Called Dangerous Mind.
I don’t know who this belongs to but it is kind of funny.

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Yinka shonibare MBE amazing artist, paralysed down half of his body, he designs the works and has help from other artists creating his work. Awesome.

Are you ready for Christmas yet?

Yes, no, nearly……..well i am getting there. What about you lovely bunxh of peeps. Whats your ultimate Christmas Prezzie?

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